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Comics and AE Story

Felecia Divine, Aug 27, 12 7:20 AM.
 I will be meeting with our members to work on a new comic series. There will be a general story for the whole sg, highlighting our characters as a group. We will also work on a Spotlight feature showcasing individual stories for both our heroes and our villians, possibly even cross-over from hero to villian and back. All members are encouraged to meet with me to get pictures taken of your favorites you want featured and discuss how your story will  go.
 I will also be writing ALL-OUT-WAR TASKFORCE which is a story of our SG highlighting our members. For villians it will be called DOMINATION STRIKEFORCE.
 So far the only villians i am aware of are:
 Felecia Divine: Illicit Affair, Demonic Selene, 5L4V3R, Jinga, Khaotic Khali, Queen Tanari, Avatar of Gold
 William Alexander: Dragon The Destroyer, Legendary Legion
 Prixy: Beastorax
 Battling Beastman: Battling Beastman, Super Spider Soldier, General Mad Dog 
 If you have a hero or villian you want highlighted and cant get a hold of me leave your list and description of character and powers and storyline in the Forum Section of this site.

Main Base Under Construction

Felecia Divine, Jul 21, 12 12:52 PM.
Main base is getting a major overhaul:
The main base is looking fabulous and we are currently doing some touch ups to improve it even more, half the bases are looking really good, great work everyone. Special thank you to Eric Stoner (Illyana Radburner) for working on Main base and Arcane. Solar for working on ACES base. 
Please be patient and enjoy.
If you have ideas of what you would like to see in the bases leave a message in the Forums section.
By Jan. 1st 2013 we will have 11 bases on Champion and a base on each server.
We have our villian affiliation:
DOMINATION on Champion Server (leader is Demonic Selene)

Best SG

Felecia Divine, Jul 21, 12 12:16 PM.
ALL-OUT-WAR is active and has a new mandate!
We are the BEST SuperGroup on CoH!
All members are asked to play in SG Mode...this is to make everyone work together towards a goal. We will be the number 1 supergroup on ALL servers.
AOW ELITE is already number 47 on the Top 100 SG List!
AOW (Main) is 63 and only needs 3,100,000 prestige to hit 62 and needs 16,000,000 to hit 50th.
AOW-ACES needs 24,000,000 to hit 100th, lets make this happen!
This is out goal for the year....we have 5 months to make it happen which is plenty of time!
We have 15 active members so let's keep recruiting, playing, and working together!
Getting badges, prestige, powers, bonuses benefit all of us...let's work together!

It's Time For ALL-OUT-WAR!
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