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End of Guildportal

Felecia Divine, Nov 15, 15 9:19 AM.
 I am saddened to see this site and this hosting service end. We will be moving this site to you can join and comment in the heading that will be added to the top of the page list until we can start a new permanent site.
 I was hoping that today CoH would be back up and running but for now we have Paragon Chat...
 There are still people working on getting CoH back and people working on its successor City of Titans so our hopes remain alive...Atlas is my home. I am there everyday so come visit me in Atlas Park, you know where :)

Paragon Chat

Felecia Divine, Oct 29, 15 12:54 AM.
You can now get back into City of Heroes thanks to Leandro Pardini and Codewalker.
Go to City of Titans, join, then check the forums for the link to download the Taquila Program, you will need this.
You can recreate your characters then enter the city. There are no villians, gameplay or powers but you can use superspeed and fly and visit all the zones and see the old npc's. Many go to Pocket D. To get to Pocket D once your ingame just click your chatbox, type /mapmove 83 then press enter.
For Leandro's you-tube video showing the Launch of Paragon Chat, here is the link:
I am often there so maybe we will run into each other. Have fun :)

Jan 2015 Update

Felecia Divine, Jan 18, 15 1:39 PM.
 THQ dissolved last year, my lawyer Ed Greenspan passed away in Phoenix AZ last month. Im hoping his son Brian will take over. We are still working on a new chat/mmorpg site scheduled for release Nov 15th 2015 not Nov 1st. We hope to have City of Heroes added to our lineup of worlds as well as Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. We are hoping to include the group Blink (programmers) here in Toronto and also Bathesda Software to our project.

 City of Titans i have been informed is also looking to procure City of Heroes.  I have great hope that CoH will be back within 2 years in one form or another...possibly as soon as Nov 15th :)

May 2014 Update

Felecia Divine, May 14, 14 11:23 AM.



The Best SG:

- AOW members are known for staying and finishing missions and task forces long after all the others quit the group. AOW members are reliable and almost always finished what they have to be real stupid or nasty for an AOW member to quit a group. Soloing a task force is not a problem...we are AV Killers :)

- 2nd sg to exploit mission in rwz that allowed a fast run and huge bonuses (Dr Dehzmon's group was the first), PoN, SF and the others clued in about 3 days later after watching and wondering what we were up to :) which led us to creating our wonderful raid base in under 30 days and yes 8 of us farmed the mission for a week to get our huge start since members were not required to get prestige, we leaders had to do something to build great bases.

- First month became a successful base raiding group (held PoN to a standstill in AOW base for 54 minutes but was unsuccessful in attacking PoN base effectively due to a glitch not allowing heroes to band and all be level 49-50 leaving half our group woefully underpowered). The 2nd and 3rd raids were much much better. Then after our 4th raid the Raid option was cancelled.

 - AOW held monthly costume contests, pvp contests, gladiator contests and lets not forget the famous 1 BILLION AE CONTEST giving the community billions of influence. Our contests were extremely fair...the costume contest had a second and sometimes third judge who were not from AOW and therefore neutral. PvP contests had people matched according to power level and enhancement upgrades...AOW was the ONLY group to do this...using enhancements a hero could upgrade +400% defence and +500% offence over a non-enhanced is this fair???

- First sg to take down the Rikti Mother Ship AND Hamidon with only 16 heroes (2 years later other groups accomplished it in the final year and a half before CoH was shut down, they finally figured out how)

 - AOW bases were constantly stocked with enhancements and inspirations for all members, all but 1 bin reserved for top level members was open to the members. We did not worry about thieves, our sg was made to help improve everyone but if someone was selling the stock they would be warned or kicked.

- AOW had 11 bases which was filled with actual players not alts, this makes AOW one of the two largest sg's in CoH history...the other of course was SF.

We started out as Stryke-Force members...Lord Stryker was a great leader...but he had a singular the best sg on the prestige list through task forces and missions (hero side only)!!!! Lord Stryker accomplished everything he set out to do and more!!!! All 11 divisions for years were on the Top 20 sg list and SF almost held all Top 10 spots as well...the only real competition was Protectors of Neverland, United Heroes Brigade and Hammers of Justice led by the great leaders xXxBudxWieserxXx, Steel Brigade and Undead Cyborg respectively.

AOW started out because we wanted to explore all aspects of CoH...Base Raids, PvP, Villians (CoX) and we wanted a group that actually helped develop ALL our characters to thier highest potential (in SF we had to fend for ourselves in learning about and getting special enhancements, temp powers, etc. until Orgo started organizing things for SF but by then i had already helped start AOW).

I have multiple sclerosis and could not stay on for long task forces and all weekend Static Teams so SF had little to offer me...i solo'd Felecia Divine from level 1-45 before getting was time (i was in SF for 4 months) to leave and make an sg that was for people who could not Power-Game. Lord Stryker on 3 occasions tried to get me into his team and show me how things were done effectively which is to his credit but i am not healthy enough to have helped him and SF as well as they needed. But i learned to be an effective leader from Stryker and thought about how i could make our new group exceptional...AOW was meant to be a sister sg to SF...not competition.

AOW was a democracy, we voted in leaders and kept in touch with each other. It was agreed (yes i lost this vote, i wanted us on the Top sg list) that we would not press members to worry about prestige (playing in sg mode). I realized that playing in sg mode did not really cut down on getting influence (cash) if you want proof of that...i played in sg mode from day one and never turned it off yet i had more funds than almost any hero in the game with the exception of BudWieser. I played less often yet accomplished far more. Play Smart not play hard. I rarely ever farmed but if a hero needed an extra push or we needed some extra supplies for the base or members then i would make an exception.

People always argued with me about farming saying it was the only way to play...sorry were never effective players...they did not work well in a team, just running off leaving people to get killed or dying themselves. They did not know how to face villians and had to use 8 people at level 50, over-enhanced to take on an Arch Villian (AV) while an AOW member could solo it. As for farming for influence...i always had more than any farmer so i dont belive this arguement :p

You always got items to sell or make and plenty of influence just by keeping busy...farming did not get you badges faster got that from actually playing. Teaming always helped.

Why do i not mention other sg's from other servers? There were other great groups and well known from other servers but...SF's top sg had more prestige than ALL 100 top sg's on any server COMBINED!!!!! There was no real dedication or help on any other server just a bunch of friends...the only exception i found was TAXI-BOTS sg...they provided a helpful service...but they were not into prestige or missions or task forces...they helped people find markers and beacons. Other helpful sg's CRAFTERS and RENTED PORTALS were also on Champion!!! AOW had small sg's on each server but only 8-16 heroes joined on each of those which again shows why Champion Server was the most radical...smaller number of people on Champion but extremely fanatical :)

DOMINATION was started on Virtue server since most had filled thier slots on Champion server, this was our villian group...but some people had villians already on champion so a small division started there as well. Domination much like CoX never caught on so we had about 16 villians on both servers :(

The Future of CoH:

It is uncertain...but there are rumours of people trying to bring it back! One group wanted to buy the rights, get server access and open 1 server for everyone to play in.

I am also looking into purchasing CoH but im still in the planning stage. We need reliable programmers to revamp the look, provide maintenance and handle distribution. Maybe a Divine Productions, THQ, EB Games and NCSoft arraingement is possible...time will tell!!! I hope that CoH2 will be ready for launch Nov 1st 2015...stay tuned to this a few days new photo's showing the 5 new villian lines proposed for CoH2 will be here.

Litmus Test: How do i know AOW is the best? Ask yourself:

- If i were a new member do i have access to the base supplies, can i invite my friends to the group, will i get help learning the game, get the badges i want and get the enhancements i want?

The answer to the above 5 questions are almost always no, no, no, no and no!!!

ONLY AOW says yes to the above 5 questions!!!!!

What time is it? IT'S TIME FOR ALL-OUT-WAR!!!! RAWR!!!!

Keeping In Touch

Felecia Divine, Apr 23, 14 3:53 PM.
 I am currently a regular on the chat site IMVU as FeliciaDivine. You can make a free account there and leave me a message or leave a message on this site, join this site. I will be returning to other games Lineage2, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Star Wars The Old Republic and EVE Online soon. I also visit Red Light Center, InWorldz and rarely Second Life.

 I will be updating this site this JUNE and will try to get info on whats happening with CoH. For those who want to know what i have been up to...
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